Brent Parsons
  • Parsons Cafe & Catering
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  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2019.   Brent, is one of the creative forces behind the culinary wonders of Parsons Café & Catering, along with his wife, and the visionary mind shaping Dewmill Events. With a passion for bringing people together through exquisite food and memorable events, Brent has carved a niche for himself in the Quinte West area. As the proud global ambassador of The Burnt Chef Project, Brent is not just a chef but a compassionate advocate for mental health within the hospitality industry. In this position he is breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues in the kitchen and striving to create a healthier and more supportive environment for chefs worldwide. Whether he's crafting delectable dishes at Parsons Café, orchestrating seamless events with Dewmill, or championing mental health and charitable causes, Brent's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and purpose. Brent's involvement with the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce adds another layer to his diverse portfolio, showcasing his commitment to fostering economic growth and community development.

    Vice President

    Bev Woods
  • Gift from the Heart
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  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2020.   Since 1995, Bev has been committed to providing oral health care services in Quinte West. Her dental hygiene business, located in the CANEX plaza, quickly expanded as she founded the “Gift from the Heart” organization. Her goal was to make oral health care more accessible to residents of Quinte West by removing potential barriers. This organization has since grown into a registered charity. In 2023, GFTH opened two new locations to provide services for those who are struggling financially. Bev and her team of dedicated oral health professionals now host a national event once every year, reaching out to Canadians nationwide. At GFTH, Bev's passion for volunteering and giving back is what drives her. She believes in supporting the health and wellbeing of business owners and their employees. Together, we can make a positive impact on our communities.


    Eileen Brown
  • Trenval Business Development Corp
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  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2022. Eileen is the Business and Loans Advisor for Trenval Business Development Corporation assisting entrepreneurs throughout the Bay of Quinte and area. Eileen holds a professional designation as a Business Analyst augmented by University, Para-legal and trade acumen. Eileen’s entrepreneurial experience includes private corporation taxation, audit preparation and risk oversight and small business ownership within the Agribusiness from northern Alberta. Eileen’s experience also encompasses the arts as a volunteer and dance mom relocating here in 2006 from northern Alberta to support her daughters professional training at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada. Leading Lenders, a national initiative supporting women entrepreneurs towards success will be featuring Eileen in 2022.

    Corporate Secretary

    Jennifer Chandler
  • Simple Desk
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  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2023. Jenny is the owner of Simple Desk, a multi-faceted and highly specialized business support company. She grew up in Carrying Place and currently lives in Quinte West with her daughter. She is currently the CFO for the Bay of Quinte PLA as well as an executive with Quinte Women in Business. Jenny is passionate about community, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

    Past President

    Matthew Doty
  • Whitley Newman Insurance & Financial Services
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  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2019.  Matthew is a Commercial Account Executive at Whitley Newman Insurance & Financial Services. Prior to moving to Quinte West, he worked in the education sector, teaching in South Korea for 10 years. Along with his wife and their two children, they have been active residents of Quinte West since 2014. He is a member of the Trenton Kiwanis Club and has been active on many of their committees & events. He joined the board as he felt it was important to be a part of the decisions that affect the community in which he lives and felt that he could be an integral part of the Chamber and help guide the business community with constructive feedback and new ideas.


    Alan Flieler
  • GlobalMed Inc
  • P:
  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2023
    Chris MacDonald
  • Seasons Dufferin Centre
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  • Elected to the QWCC in 2024
    Cory Armstrong
  • Mystical Distributing
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  • Elected to the QWCC in 2024
    Jeff McKerracher
  • A1 Plumbing, Pumps & Water Treatment
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  • Elected to the QWCC in 2024
    Katie Sherratt
  • Starboard Communications
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  • Elected to the QWCC Board in 2024. Katie Sherratt is the Digital Media Coordinator at Starboard Communications, the home of 95.5 Hits FM, Cool 100, and She has a diverse work experience that spans agriculture, retail, land use planning, and marketing. She started as a part-time summer employee with Starboard Communications in 2014 and after a brief period away from Quinte, took on a full-time role in 2022. She is the co-host of the Babes of Quinte podcast which highlights people, businesses, and organizations from the Quinte area. She is passionate about continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends to bring innovative solutions to her role.
    Nikki Meiboom
  • National Car Rental
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  • Elected to the QWCC in 2024
    Safir Babar
  • The SAB Group of Companies
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  • Elected to the QWCC in 2024. Safir Babar is a distinguished entrepreneur and a champion for small businesses. His journey in business has led to the successful establishment of The SAB Group of Companies Ltd., encompassing a diverse array of ventures including Stersbury Staffing, Kentarch Security, Mapco Plastics, and others. He believes in the critical role of small enterprises as the backbone of a dynamic and sustainable economy and extends his dedication to workforce inclusivity and diversity. He advocates for policies allowing international students more substantial work opportunities, recognizing their vital contribution to a diverse and dynamic workforce. Additionally, he supports the expansion of work permit programs to mitigate workforce shortages, emphasizing the importance of global talent in enriching Canada's cultural and economic landscape. In his role with the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce, Safir leverages his business acumen and passion for community growth to foster an inclusive, innovative, and sustainable business environment. He envisions the region as a flourishing hub of entrepreneurial vigor and economic opportunity for all.